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An Inquiry into the Impact of Digitization and Customized ERP Applications on Twin Engineers Overall Efficiency - An Empirical Study Approach

International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence

Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Atul R. Deshpande | Author(s) Affiliation: Director and Professor, Institute of Management Education and Research, Belgaum, Karnataka, India
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This research paper entitled “An Inquiry into the Impact of Digitization and Customized ERP Applications on Twin’s Overall Efficiency – An Empirical Study Approach” has examined, through exploratory method and robust statistical analysis, whether ‘digitization and customized ERP applications in the manufacturing process has affected overall efficiency at Twin Engineers. With data base (2009-10 to 2017-18), through primary and secondary sources and a ‘focus group’ survey along with the construction of ‘efficiency indices’ and ‘relevant statistical analysis’, that consists of ‘regressions’ and Granger causality tests, the analysis shows that the overall efficiency after digitization period has improved considerably. The hypotheses testing (parametric and non-parametric) done in this case also supports the conclusion cited above. The research work has used a linear regression model which has used ‘turnover data’ as proxy for efficiency and a host of factors such as persons employed, machines dispatched, different costs etc. as independent predictors which are highly correlated to turnover as predicted variable. The core discussion in the paper consists of analytical and evaluative aspects which are based on ‘findings’ from the survey. This discussion is carried out through ‘a case study approach’. The paper is concluded with important recommendations along with implications and limitations of this work.

Keywords: Efficiency, Digitization, Customized ERP Applications, Regressions, Granger Causality

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