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Role of Technology on Development of SME: Bangladesh Perspective

Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management

Volume 6 Issue 1

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Muhaiminul Islam, Sultana Nasira | Author(s) Affiliation: BBA, Management and Business Administration School, Khulna University, Bangladesh
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The present study attempts to shed light on the issues such as how technology affects the growth of local SMEs, which enterprises are using technology, and what types of development they are experiencing in using those technologies. It also focuses on the barriers SME owners face while adopting a technology. And finally, this study shows how SMEs of Bangladesh can be technologically upgraded focusing on the prospective technologies and overcoming barriers. The results of the study show SME developments positive relationship with introduction to new technology, technological acquiring, and operating capabilities and also positive but weak relationship with ICT and technological operating capabilities. The negative results have arisen because of the responses of the SME owners who still support the traditional manual operating systems. Instead of knowing the benefits of technology, they prefer not to adopt the up-to-date techniques and remain unaware about the software and information systems. But this study will help to determine the potentiality of SME development by introducing new technologies. It will help to determine the barriers to adopt technologies and also the ways to overcome those.

Keywords: SME, New Technology, ICT, Development

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