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An Agnation of Mental Self-Government (MSG) and Career Personality Types

ANWESH: International Journal of Management & Information Technology

Volume 4 Issue 1

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Garima Saini and Shabnam | Author(s) Affiliation: Research Scholar, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India.
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The suzerainty of styles is penetrating for their existence of knowledge in the area of psychology augmented in the last decade. Individuals have a unique way of dealing with different ways according to different stylistic ability they possess to approach a stimulus. Individual differences retain different behavior, reactions and expressions for the external stimulus in an individual. The cynosure of this article is an attempt to study the individual’s stylistic ability with different career personalities as individuals of different professions and career interest uses different abilities. A career choice congruent with one’s abilities is always reinforced by the environment an individual lives in.

Keywords: Career personality types, Individual differences, Intellectual styles, Mental Self-Government (MGS), Thinking styles.

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