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Ethical Values in Epics Especially in Sunderkand of Ramcharit Manas

ANWESH: International Journal of Management & Information Technology

Volume 2 Issue 2

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Sudhir Kumar Gaur, Deep Gupta | Author(s) Affiliation: Ph.D Research Scholar, Shobhit University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India.
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Ethical values are having relevance in past, present and in future. It is just like a unique truth which never losses and important. Ramcharit Manas is the best example for ethical values on which all generation in respective to gender, age etc. may relies and enjoy the life without having any guilt conscious. For instance in 5th Kand (Chapter i.e. Sunderkand) of Manas is an ideal example to lead the like in a successful manner and it is also an example of good management. If the common human being develops the inner peace and happiness and belief work is worship, duty is God than whatever the obstacles are awaiting in the life, a person can overcome all these problems with inner strength and also love to enjoy the life with obstacles and problems. The paper discusses about the ethical values in the youngster particularly college students the study was based on the answer the question based on Sunderkand. Whether students are aware about the epic values or not?

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