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Role of Education and Skill Development Sector in Skill Requirements and Human Resource

ANWESH: International Journal of Management & Information Technology

Volume 6 Issue 1

Published: 2021
Author(s) Name: Ankul Pandey and R. K. Shukla | Author(s) Affiliation: Assistant Prof., Department of Commerce, Government Sahid Kedarnath College, Madhya Pradesh, India.
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The India is famous for its size, diversity and complexity, whether it be geographical, socioeconomic, cultural, political or developmental, all of which impact on every aspect of life, including education, training employment and workforce considerations. In the world level, India has one of the major technical human resources. Population of India’s is enormous at 1.21 billion. It is rapidly increasing at a rate of 17% and incorporating speedily into the international economy. India is one of the amongst the ‘young’ nations in the globe. The age group of 15-59 years is a proportionately increasing steadily of the work force. Education is the organised and thoughtful procedure that trains the beginner with knowledge, achievement of skills, ethics and attitudes which empowers them to partake efficiently in entire spheres of lifetime. Inclusive Education and Skill development training is indispensable tool of several plans to enhancing farm and nonfarm output that increases urban and rural incomes. Skill is the bridge between employment and workforce. Skills development is an imperative to enlightening domestic production, employability and income-earning prospects for persons through better-quality skills, knowledge and globally familiar qualifications to facilitate them to access decent employment, to encourage inclusive country development and to make sure India’s competitiveness in the international marketplace. It also is improving sustainable development and standard of livings. Skill development in a great scale takes off, executing organizations like government, institutes – both government and private, vocational training providers, and other such implementers will be tackled with challenges that originate at each sector of the ‘skill development value chain’. In this paper we analysis the demand for trainers and teachers till 2022 through the crucial parts of the Education and Skill Development Sector in India.

Keywords: Education, Employment, Human resources, Skill development.

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