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Work-Life Balance While Working from Home during COVID-19 Lockdown: Changing Preferences and the Future of Work

ANWESH: International Journal of Management & Information Technology

Volume 7 Issue 2

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Aruna Battur, Pavan B. Kandagal | Author(s) Affiliation: KLE Society Inst. of Mgt. Studies and Research, BVB Campus, Hubli, Karnataka, India.
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Balance between serious and fun activities is in many cases the downplayed term in our lives. The components of balance between serious and fun activities have changed radically with the ongoing pandemic the world is grasped with. The paper concentrates on the administration rehearses regarding work from home that have changed during COVID-19 and their effect on the working and mind of representatives. Given the states of social separating, the associations have come at junction between making the right equilibrium for representatives telecommuting to guarantee their balance between serious and fun activities is met. While the impedance of work in the individual life and individual existence with work has shown an adverse consequence, the review centers around whether the representatives are happy with the ongoing circumstance of working from and further whether these have brought about their low resolve. With COVID-19 we want to perceive that the individual and work elements have changed and we want to relinquish the psychological model of reasoning work time and home time being unmistakable. The more mindfulness needs about work style, track down ways of approaching every problem brain-first. Utilizing a poll, an overview was led. The examination configuration is exploratory in nature. The main goal of the review is to comprehend the way that individuals are will to adjust to changes and utilization of innovation for work and comprehend balance between fun and serious activities and eventual fate of work. This paper gives a blend of the discoveries from numerous researchers.

Keywords: COVID-19, Future of work, Work from home, Work-life balance, Social distancing.

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