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The Popularity of Street Food and Role of Social Media in Promoting Street Food, with Reference to Pune City

ATITHYA: A Journal of Hospitality

Volume 6 Issue 2

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: Anuradha Karmarkar, Manas Paranjape | Author(s) Affiliation: Assistant Professor, AISSMS College of HMCT, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
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The Social and cultural changes and changing life styles have resultant in the habit of eating outside. The consumers do not have time to cook at home, the changes in consumption habits of the society, cultural interactions, fast living, and the contribution of women to work life are influencing and changing the nutrition style in crowded cities. In today’s world, people prefer to buy food sold on the streets to meet their nutrition needs outside home. Usually the consumer of street food, avails this owing to convenience and accessibility, but through promotion using numerous modes it can be MADE POPULAR. Social Media plays a critical role here. Once you post the comment, it can reach thousands of followers at one time. The Research paper aims to understand and study the popularity of the street food and what role is played by social media in promoting it or making it accessible to the consumers. Close to 120 respondents have contributed to the study, they are located in urban location of Pune City.

Keywords: Street Food, Social Media, Consumers

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