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Influence of Customer Tech Savviness and Proneness to Social Media, Facilitating Online Purchase Intention, Supplemented Through Firms Content Generation in Facebook

Drishtikon: A Management Journal

Volume 9 Issue 1

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: Balakrishnan Menon | Author(s) Affiliation: Faculty, Rajagiri School of Mgt., Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies, Kerala, India.
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There is an increasing trend of firms formalizing and inculcating their marketing strategy with a fair amount of digital marketing programs. The increasing trend of online marketing strategic activities is due to a larger penetration of internet and customers spending more time in internet to meet their product searching and evaluations done in the online space. The increased participation of firms in the online space, is witnessing an ever-increasing amount of product related information being pushed online, through their websites and social media content generation. Customers are participating much more and are influenced with these marketing content, with a view to associate with company’s products and services. The author studied the relevance of customers’ technology savviness and proneness to social media, in order to investigate, if these factor have a positive influence towards the online purchase intention of branded products. The results of the study gave positive involvement and contributory influence of these factors, which attributed online purchase inclination and intention, towards firm generated contents and ultimately to its products. It has been found that customer technology savviness has a positive influence over online purchase intention of company products, influenced by firm generated content in social media. The study results revealed that customer technology savviness, leads to customer proneness towards social media. It was proven that proneness to social media has a direct and positive influence over online purchase intention of products. It was found that there is also a partial mediating effect of customer proneness to social media, in between, customer technology savviness and online purchase intention of products. It was hypothesized and was proven that that age and education do not have a positive influence, over online purchase intention of products.

Keywords: Tech Savviness, Proneness to Social Media, Facebook, Firm Generated Content, Online Purchase Intention

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