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Professional Reformation of Business: The Case of an Existing Family Business

Drishtikon: A Management Journal

Volume 8 Issue 2

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Jitender Kumar , Rahul Swami | Author(s) Affiliation:
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This case is about Mr. BalKishan Kalra, who is running his family business of tours & travels with the name Kalra Tours & Travels in Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan. Through this case authors have tried to put an example before the readers that how small businesses like tours & travels demand in-depth managerial skills, lot of brainstorming, professional reformation and rational decision making. Owner of Kalra Tour & Travels, Balkishan is facing three major problems: first, demand of tours & travels has dropped down in recent years. Second, scarcity of trained drivers and due to the majority of unskilled drivers accidents are rapidly increasing. Third, the total cost is increasing and total revenue is decreasing year after year. As a result, firm was becoming financially feeble day by day and was not able to meet its financial commitments too. Yash, son of Balkishan recently joined his family business as marketing manager, he has done MBA from a premier institution. For making better decision in context to business problems Balkishan assigned responsibility to Yash for preparing a report consisting recommendations for the revival of the business. Initially, Balkishan didnt agree to the suggestions/recommendations of Yash mentioned in his report. However, key family members of Kalra family suggested for taking an expert opinion from management consultant, to reach better decision in the interest of the organization.

Keywords: Tours & Travels, Financial Problems, Decision Making, Loan Schemes, Vehicles, Competition, Strategic Alternatives

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