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Scope Creep, scrap & Churn are NOT SINS in Requirements Engineering

Drishtikon: A Management Journal

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: SP Rahmesh, B Madhavan
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This article covers the entire spectrum of requirement gathering process and how it should function to handle creep, scrap or churn of the scope of the project requirements. Requirements engineering is a discipline that builds the foundation for any project to get implemented successfully. Organizations with very good processes, people and tools along with good experience, too fail when scope creep, scrap or churn takes place in the project. What’s the impact on cost, schedule, resources and to business? How to efficiently handle such scenarios? Volatility of requirements is a factor should be measured and controlled using benchmark values. Keywords: Requirements Engineering, Churn, Creep, Scrap, tools, Software Requirements Specifications (SRS)

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