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To B (udget) or Not to B (udget)

Drishtikon: A Management Journal

Volume 2 Issue 1

Published: 2010
Author(s) Name: Sharon Pande, Swapnalekha Basak
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Pacific Legtrans Inc. is a Legal Transcription firm in India. It caters to the legal outsourcing requirement of the American legal world .But with passing time the sales team in the US has been facing a lot of difficulties with selling Pacific Legtrans services at their current price levels. Bigger players have come into the market and they are selling their services even at a loss to win customers with the hope that the customers would become sticky and then they would inch their prices up. The mandate given to the HR Head was to chalk out a couple of scenarios and to find a right strategy inorder to help him Budget right. Nobody knew whether their strategy would work or not but currently it was causing a lot of grief to Pacific Legtrans. To tide over this crisis the management team had come to only one conclusion that there is now no way that they “Boutique” model could sustain and that they needed to expand. A case study method has been used, 6 challenging scenarios have been presented to the reader and the reader needs to choose the correct scenario/s to help the HR head tide over troubled waters .The strategy selected, could help him save the company. This case forms a part of the scenario planning which reflects under manpower planning. Choosing the right strategy will help the company sustain itself. It would help the HR head to Budget the right kind of manpower needed.The case study approach for scenario planning would help in selecting the right kind of approach to manpower hiring at Pacific Legtrans Inc.This would help human resource professionals, academicians, readers and students to identify the right kind of scenario in the area of manpower planning. Keywords: Scenario planning, scenarios, legal transcription budget, manpower hiring

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