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Impact of Demographic Factors on Investment Preference for Selected Investment Avenues

Global Journal of Research in Management

Volume 9 Issue 2

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Bhoomi Patel and Vasudev Modi | Author(s) Affiliation: Lecturer at MBA Department of Uka Tarsadia University.
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The primary aim of this study is to analyse how funding choice gets stricken by the demographics and perceptions of the investor. Investors behavior is influenced by many factors on the time of investment selection making. Demographic profile and perceptions play an essential function to pick a particular choice of funding. This paper facilitates to beautify the expertise on different investment avenues like financial institution deposits, life coverage policies, mutual funds and equity which in turn can be highly useful to the economic advisors as it will assist them endorse their customers regarding those avenues with appreciate to their demographic profiles. The observe also highlights the evidences that the funding desire depends on and is tormented by the demographic The study also highlights the evidences that the investment choice depends on and is affected by the demographic variables and perceptions. Reliability check is also done for checking internal consistency for selected variables. For proving the objectives Friedman test has been performed for knowing preference of investors for varied investment avenues which shows that highly preferred avenues are bank deposit, insurance, postal saving. Equity shares, gold, national service certificate & PPF whereas least preferred avenues are real estate, government schemes, debenture/bond and chit funds. A logistic regression result of this study proves that investors? age and marital status are significantly influencing the selection of investment avenues. Wealth Management professionals emphasizes that customer behavior and psychology play a vital role in successfully building and sustaining a wealth management relationship.

Keywords: Demographic factor, Investment preference, Investment Avenue, Investors behaviour

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