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Subjective Well-Being and Psychological Empowerment among the Employees of an Auto Component Manufacturing Company

Global Journal of Research in Management

Volume 4 Issue 2

Published: 2014
Author(s) Name: P.Paramanandam, K. Abinaya | Author(s) Affiliation:
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Subjective well-being refers to a persons cognitive and affective evaluations of his or her life. Psychological empowerment is defined as the fundamental personal beliefs that employees have about their role in relation to the employing organization. The present study was aimed at studying Subjective well-being and Psychological empowerment among the employees of an auto component manufacturing company. A convenience sample consisting of seventy four employees working in an auto component manufacturing company participated in the study. Structured Questionnaires were used to gather primary data. By administering questionnaires subjective well-being and psychological empowerment among the employees were assessed. The collected data was analysed with Mean, Standard Deviation, Correlation, regression and ANOVA tests. Results indicated that there was a significant difference in psychological empowerment and subjective well-being among the respondents of different age groups, among the married and unmarried respondents, and also among the respondents of different experience groups. There was a significant correlation between psychological empowerment and subjective well-being. Approximately seventeen per cent of the variance in psychological empowerment was explained by subjective well-being.

Keywords: Competence, Impact, Psychological Empowerment, Self-determination, Subjective Well-being

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