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Association and Correlation between the Independent Variables and Buying of Consumer Goods: A Study with Reference to Rural Market of Shivamogga District, Karnataka

International Journal of Applied Marketing and Management

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: Prakash H. S. | Author(s) Affiliation: Faculty & Research Scholar, SDM PG Centre for Mgt. Studies & Research, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India.
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Rural markets have played a significant role in growth of the emerging economies. In India, the economic growth in the last two decades and governments’ focus on rural economy boosted consumption and production levels in the rural India. Rural markets and consumers are a lot more heterogeneous than their urban counterparts are. Keeping the facts that the rural market is not so rural and evolving significantly as well as demographic variables are significantly affecting their buying behavior in the mind, the present study had five objectives to fulfill. With the help of four hypotheses, the study has fulfilled the objectives. The primary data were collected with the help of structured questionnaires and SPSS 20 software was used to analyze the data. The outcome proves that there exists a significant association and correlation between demographic variables and buying of consumer goods in rural market. Various demographic variables have their own role to play, and ignorance of anyone could lead to the debacle in rural market; hence, to win the lion heart of rural consumers, marketers must consider the demographic variable and its association, segment the market based on it and then try to position the products accordingly; tin this way, possibly, they may succeed.

Keywords: Association & Correlation, Demographic Variables, Motives, Satisfaction

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