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Celebrity Endorsement - An Analysis of Brand Image and Celebrity Image

International Journal of Applied Marketing and Management

Volume 2 Issue 2

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Vishwas Gupta | Author(s) Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Mittal School of Business, LPU, Jalandhar, Punjab, India.
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The rearticulated Aristotles quote on anger, To get a celebrity for a brand is easy, but getting a celebrity steady with the right brand, to the right level, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way... that is not easy. The study helps to select the right celebrity for the right brand to maximize the reach of the advertising campaigns through some matrices developed. Personal image matrix: How much a celebrity is popular in the market? Brand image matrix: What are the expectations from a brand? Association matrix: Blend the suitable celebrity with the right brand. Initial two matrices give us the celebrity value score, helping us to calculate the association score. The higher the score the more suitable celebrity is for the brand. This model helps us to reduce the costs of endorsing besides to maximize the outcome.

Keywords: Branding, Advertising, Brand Image, Celebrity Endorsement, Attribute Matching

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