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Identifying the Best Mobile Combo Tariff Plan for Professional Students: An Application of Conjoint Analysis

International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence

Volume 6 Issue 2

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: Bibin P.B., Hareesh N. Ramanathan | Author(s) Affiliation: Student, Department of Management Studies Toc H Institute of Science and Technology, Kerala, India.
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Telecommunication network is one of the important and emerging industries in the world. India is holding the second position in terms of largest telecom network in the world. It is based on the number of telephone users. India is having 1.206 billion subscribers as on 30th September, 2017. In India, there are many telecommunication service providers. India is the second largest in number of telecom users. Every telecom customer prefers their network provider mainly depend upon various factors like network coverage, customer service, tariff packages and offers. But the utility of various factors be differing by person to person. But even there are many offers provided by various service providers but many customers are feeling dissatisfied with the same. This study is to find out the optimum combination of Data/Voice/SMS which is preferred mostly by post graduate and under graduate students and to explore the usage of it by them. In the field of market research, conjoint analysis is one of the top most tool in that area. Basically, it deals with how the decision making process of peoples been done and what are the important factors that they are considering while selecting a products and services. conjoint analysis helps the peoples to determine various options of alternatives for their choices. And then analyzing the factors influenced for those choices or alternatives. It is found that, better network and low cost are the main reasons for their choice of service provider. Most of the respondent’s having highest importance to free minutes followed by data packs and SMS while they have least importance to price factor. The combo offer proposed from the study is for Rs. 450, 400 minutes free with 300 MB free data and 600 SMS.

Keywords: Mobile Tariff-Plans, Conjoint Analysis, Professional Students, SMS, Call, Data

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