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Real-Time Event Detection and Earthquake Reporting System for the Twitter Users

International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence

Volume 2 Issue 1

Published: 2014
Author(s) Name: A. Kamila Kausar, A. Anny Leema | Author(s) Affiliation: Department of Computer Applications, B.S. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Twitter is a popular micro blogging service and its important characteristic is its being real-time in nature. The earthquakes event in twitter is a real-time interaction and its developed by particle filter algorithm to monitor message and to detect a target event. Particle filter algorithm is used to find out location of an event. JMA broadcast technique has been used to distributes the warning information to stations and mobile phone companies, before the occurrence of earthquakes. JMA broadcast announcements consume more time to broadcast earthquake early warning information among the advanced users world. Twitter is a popular micro blogging service and its important characteristic is its real-time nature. In the proposed system, the real-time interaction of events are investigated such as earthquakes in twitter, system detects earthquakes promptly and notification is delivered much faster than JMA broadcast announcement. In this paper considering each twitter user as a sensor, particle filtering algorithm is applied which is widely used for location estimation in ubiquitous computing.

Keywords: Twitter, Micro Blogging Service, Event Detection, Earthquake, Location Estimation and Social Sensor, Particle Filter, Semantic Analysis

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