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Motives Behind Consumers Purchasing Products Labelled Natural and Organic in a Supermarket: Can They Be Called Green Consumers

International Journal on Customer Relations

Volume 10 Issue 2

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Dipu Varghese | Author(s) Affiliation: METS College of Advanced Studies, Mala, Kerala, India.
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The term green consumer has evolved as a core area that has gained importance during this era of sustainability. It is always interesting to know whether consumers are concerned about their health or the environment in their purchase behaviour. Do they prefer that the activities in the market be eco-friendly? Are they haunted about the effects of their purchase behaviour on the environment? Or, are they concentrating on health aspects while purchasing products labelled natural and organic from a supermarket? Environmental concerns make them exhibit an environment friendly behaviour, which elevates them to the level of a green consumer. The study explores the purchase motives of retail supermarket customers, which is reflected in their buying decisions. Purchase of products labelled natural and organic from a supermarket excogitates green purchase behaviour. This study, which is conducted as part of the Independent Research Study for the MBA programme, tries to explore the purchase motives of supermarket customers who purchase products labelled natural and organic, thereby exploring whether they are motivated more by health consciousness or environmental consciousness, which in turn ensures the cogency of the nomenclature ‘green consumer’.

Keywords: Natural and Organic Labelled Products, Green Consumer, Retail Supermarkets, Purchasing Motives

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