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Dry Sliding Wear Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Al7075 - Sic - Granite Dust by Using Stir Casting Method for Piston

International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology

Volume 2 Issue 2

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: S. C. Prasanna, C. Ramesh | Author(s) Affiliation: Department of Mechanical Engineering, M. Kumarasamy College of Engineering Karur, Tamilnadu, India
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Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites (AMMCs) are promising as the most flexible materials for advanced in automotive, structural, aerospace, aviation, marine, defense applications and other interrelated sectors because of their tremendous combination properties. In this work we have taken Al 7075 -SiC- Granite dust. By varying the weight percentage of Al 7075 (75%, 80% and 85%) and the reinforcement materials like SiC (15%, 10% and 5%) and taking Granite dust as constant (10%), by using stir casting technique the material is fabricated. The wettability of SiC and Granite dust particles in the matrix was improved by adding them. The optical and scanning electron micrographs showed a homogeneous dispersion of composition material. The result shows that the Sample-3 (Al85%+SiC5%+Granite dust 10%) shows improvement in mechanical properties like hardness, the wear properties has been reduced and their Micro structural characterization clearly shows uniform distribution of SiC and Granite dust in the composition.

Keywords: Al7075-Aluminium 6061 Grade, SiC-Silicon Carbide, TiB2-Titanium Diboride, Stir Casting Method, AMMCs-Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites

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