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Gender Equality in Indian Hotel Industry: A Study of Perception of Male and Female Employees

International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2010
Author(s) Name: Manjula Chaudhary and Megha Gupta
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Status of women in a society gets reflected in the roles played by them in its institutions such as family, political or other social groups. Corporate also echo the same. In Indian industry woman hold more positions of power now than in the past. Indian hospitality industry also shows the same pattern. But compared to their share in population women hold few positions compared to males. This is in spite of a number of measures taken by the government through legislation and policy measures. The vertically typical “Gender Pyramid “is prevalent in this too- lower level occupation with few career development opportunities dominated by women and key managerial positions dominated by men. Earlier studies found the deeply entrenched beliefs and stereotyped attitudes towards women in the workplace to be the main barrier in gender equality. Though India seems poised for superpower status because of its booming economy. However, beneath the spectacular “India Shining” story lurks an area of darkness – the unequal status of its women, who constitute more than half its demographic. This study on Gender Equality in Indian Hotel Industry- A study of Perception of male and female employees aims to examine whether female employees of hotel industry perceive gender equality issues differently than male employees. It collects information from 13 hotels and 110 respondents in NCR on 5-point likert scale on 27 items. For analysis Independent samples T test is used, and results of study demonstrate that there is difference in the perception of male and female only for one issue “women do not get same fringe benefits as men”, For rest of the issues of gender equality T value is not significant meaning that both men and women have similar opinion regarding gender equality issues. This study found biases in management practices in deference to official policy on gender equality. The preferences were clearly in favour of males for senior positions and younger female at lower levels KeyWords: Equality of Status, Female Employees, Gender, Hospitality Industry, Women

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