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Defining Chemical Science Research: Conclusions from a Critical Review of the Literature

International Journal of Information Library and Society

Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: Chaman Sab M., Dharani Kumar P., B. S. Biradar | Author(s) Affiliation: Research Scholar, Dept. of Studies in Library and Information Science, Kuvempu Univer., Karnataka.
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Objective: To summarize findings from a systematic exploration of existing literature and views regarding chemical science, to discuss themes and components of such work, and to propose a theoretically based definition of chemical science research. Data Sources or Study Setting: The major data sources were used: Google search with researchers from various disciplines, and a systematic review of the scientometrics literature. Study Design: Systematic review of literature, Data Collection or Extraction Methods. We reviewed 18 definitions of scientometrics literature in the fields of study, that definition was then field tested by 18 individuals with scientometrics research experience, and their research responses proposed in this paper. Principal Findings: Three key definitional characteristics were identified: Without constant pressure for theory building, the field would surely slide to its natural resting place in dust-bowl empiricism. Conclusion: Existing literature from several fields did not provide a definition for scientometrics research of sufficient specificity to facilitate activities.

Keywords: Chemical Science, Review of Literature, Collaboration, Research, Definition

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