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Emotional Dissonance: The Plastic Shield in Human Flourishing

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 46 Issue 4

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Santhosh V. A, K. V Krishnankutty
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Cognitive Psychology, with a group of brain scientists and sophisticated technology, has been successful in explaining many obscurities that persisted along with human intelligence. One such episode is the concept of emotional dissonance where substitute feelings prevent the authentic feelings to make human life flourish. After providing a generic view in the anatomy of emotions, a case oriented approach is taken for detailing the intricacies involved in the substitute emotional shield. The famous Conditioning effect to the most recent concept of Neuro Plasticity has been explored to investigate this plastic feeling. The possibility of using the advancements in brain science in restructuring the neural networks, which stand as an impediment to emotional intelligence, is also considered in the article.

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