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Industrial Policy in North East India: Peripheral Realities in Post-Liberalization Period

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 54 Issue 2

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: J. P. Bhattacharjee and Rakhee Bhattacharya | Author(s) Affiliation: Deputy Director General, Ministry of Statistics &Program Implementation, Government of India.
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Being at the periphery of postcolonial India’s industrial development, North East India (NEI) gained policy attention only during post-liberalization period. This paper explores the impact of the Industrial Policy in NEI, Data showed no remarkable achievement of industrial growth in the organized sector in the aftermath of such a policy. Thus, the region is in need to expand its industrial base, suitable to its topography and ecology. Given the intra-regional diversities and topographical vulnerability, the existing uniform Industrial Policy for NEI may not be able to meet the required demand. The paper therefore suggests a different policy perspective to address issues between Assam and rest of the states of NEI within a hillplain binary.

Keywords: N.A.

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