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Industrial Relations in the Transnational Indranil Bose Business Scenario: An Overview

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 51 Issue 3

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: Indranil Bose, R.K. Mudgal | Author(s) Affiliation: Dean of Business Studies, Western International College, University of Bolton-UAE
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In the pursuit of business excellence, the transnational corporations have aggressively adopted the practice of off-shoring of production and operations. In response to this development transnational industrial relations scenario have experienced continuous evolution from Rules Model (1990-2000) of employee relational connectedness to Bargain Model since 2000. Though both the models are fundamentally different in their approaches, yet a spirit of mutuality is looming large in the contemporary situation governing industrial relations in transnational business environment. This is a conceptual paper based on extensive literature survey on the back-ground, development and future development in the industrial relations practice under transnational business framework.

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