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Religion, Socio-economic Backwardness & Discrimination: The Case of Indian Muslims

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 44 Issue 2

Published: 2008
Author(s) Name: Rowena Robinson
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The three crucial dimensions of social exclusion of Muslims are backwardness, marginalization and discrimination. More troublesome is the relationship between ethnic violence and socio-economic achievements. That a very high share of Muslim workers are engaged in self-employment activities, particularly in urban areas ? street vending, small trades and related enterprises ? ensures that the community is far more exposed to disruptions and damages caused by urban conflict and violence. The fragility of Muslim participation in the economy and the low level of asset accumulation further intensify their vulnerability to displacements caused by situations of continual communal strife, argues the paper. Keywords : Backwardness, Marginalization & Discrimination of Muslim community

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