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The Impact of Technology on Skill Development

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 49 Issue 3

Published: 2014
Author(s) Name: Santanu Paul | Author(s) Affiliation: CEO & Managing Director, Talent Sprint Private Limited, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
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Technology is the defining buzzword of the 21st century. Our smartphones and tablets have made quantum leaps in usability and transformed our lives. One major domino effect of technology is being felt in the education and training sector. With its multiplier effect, technology can become a mighty social leveller, creating access and success for all. Melding new technology with existing infrastructure to create click-and-mortar platforms can empower the current generation with job-ready skills. Technology deployment for skill development can lead to lower costs, higher quality, and greater reach, while reducing the burden on physical infrastructure. Social innovations are blooming in a world that has become a global village due to the collapse of geographical and temporal boundaries. Learning by doing is the new mantra for vocational education and skill development.

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