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Correlation between Interpersonal Skills and Job Satisfaction among Librarians in University Libraries in Bayelsa and Delta State, Nigeria

International Journal of Information Studies and Libraries

Volume 6 Issue 2

Published: 2021
Author(s) Name: Gloria O. Oyovwe-Tinuoye | Author(s) Affiliation: Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria.
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The study scrutinised the correlation between interpersonal skills and job satisfaction among librarians in university libraries in Bayelsa and Delta State. Descriptive survey research design was espoused for the study, using a self-constructed questionnaire as the implement of data collection. The questionnaire was constructed after extensive consultation of related literature, to ensure that pertinent items were included. The population of the study encompassed all librarians in the university libraries in Bayelsa and Delta State, Nigeria; however, the study embraced a purposive sampling technique to handpick respondents for the study. The population of the study encompassed all librarians 78 from university libraries in Delta and Bayelsa State, Nigeria. This was as a result of the manageable size of the population. The study has revealed that a majority of the respondents maintain eye contact with patrons, colleagues, and superiors on the job; they do not get frightened or stressed on the job; they take their work seriously; they do not have difficulty following a task through from the beginning to the end; they always complete their tasks when due; they do not get angry; they do not lose their temper when things do not go the way they want it; they always have good posture and body language at work; they never curse or use offensive language at the work place; people who know them would describe them as cheerful and friendly; they respect the opinions and rights of others at the work place; they are clean, well-schooled, and well groomed in their profession; they handle conflicts among library users and colleagues in a fair and unbiased manner; they try to remain cool and maintain their temper, even in conflicting situations; they interact with library users and colleagues at the same level, irrespective of cultural diversities; and they disagree that they give an excuse to avoid queries when they cannot accomplish their task. The outcomes of the study recommended that managers/heads of libraries should endeavour to encourage librarians to attend courses on interpersonal skills in Nigeria and abroad, by sponsoring librarians through the Tertiary Education Fund. In-house training on interpersonal skills for librarians should be organised quarterly to facilitate effective service delivery.

Keywords: Interpersonal Skills, Job Satisfaction, Librarians, Bayelsa and Delta State, Nigeria

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