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Perception towards Web Search Engines and Evaluation of Internet Search Results by Undergraduate Students

International Journal of Information Studies and Libraries

Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Auwalu Muhammad Giginyu | Author(s) Affiliation: Bayero University, Kano.
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The Internet has become a major source of information today, and finding relevant information is a difficult task. The Web search engine is a software program that allows users to quickly retrieve specific information out of millions stored on the Internet. Purpose: The main aim of the paper was to ascertain the perception of students towards Web search engines and to determine the criteria adopted when evaluating Internet search results. Methodology/Approach: Quantitative research methodology using cross-sectional survey design was used for the study. The population of the study was 65,018 students, of which 462 were sampled. A total of 462 copies of the questionnaire were administered to the respondents, of which 394 were filled and returned. Findings: The paper confirmed that the respondents perceived Web search engines as useful and easy to use. In terms of evaluation of Internet results, it was found that the respondents lack knowledge on the criteria used to evaluate information resources. Recommendations: The paper recommended that there is need for teaching students the criteria for evaluation of information resources. There is need for librarians of these institutions to be proactive in guiding students on how to evaluate information resources. There is need for the students to discuss among themselves, in a forum, the knowledge they acquired on how to evaluate information resources.Originality/Value: The findings would be beneficial to the lecturers teaching information literacy and other related courses, since it explored the attitudes of students towards important retrieval tools and the criteria they adopt when evaluating the search results.

Keywords: Web Search Engines, Evaluation, Internet, Search Results, Students

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