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Designing a Half-Adder Circuit with Voltage-Mode and Multiple-Valued Logic, Low Power Consumption and High Speed

International Journal of Knowledge Based Computer Systems

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2013
Author(s) Name: Hamidreza Dalili Oskouei, Hajar Zare Bahramabadi, Asghar Ebrahimi | Author(s) Affiliation: Tehran, Iran
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This article suggests a Quaternary Voltage-Mode Half-Adder Circuit with high speed and low power and capacity consumption. This quaternary circuit is composed of Max Operator, Min Operator, Level Conversion Operator, and Tsum and T-difference Operators Circuits. All these circuits are static and need no current in steady state. All these operators are integrated for the implementation of Quaternary Half- Adder Circuit. This circuit consists of many transistors, but this adder is faster than binary adders. This article also implements multi-valued logic that is widely focused by researchers and used for the classification of signals. This logic allows the signals to have binary logic levels or more. The operators and elements used in the structure of these circuits are also described here. The suggested circuits are static and operate in voltage mode. There is no static scattering in these circuits and all these asynchronous circuits can be used in integrated circuits.

Keywords: Adder Circuits, Multiple-Valued Logic, Voltage Mode, Operator Circuits, Signal Classification

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