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Performance Evaluation of Corporators and Authorities based on Public Grievances Redressal

International Journal of Knowledge Based Computer Systems

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2015
Author(s) Name: Vanya Shree. B, S. P. Shiva Prakash | Author(s) Affiliation: Department of Information Science & Engineering, SJCE, Mysore, Karnatak, India.
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People in their day-to-day life face many general problems like damaged street lights, irregular water supply, blocked drainage connection etc. In these situations they complain to the concerned authority. If the complaint is unsolved, they complain to their areas representatives i.e. corporator. But in majority of the cases complainants dont get timely delivery of the solutions to their complaint and moreover authorities and corporators are neither made accountable nor answerable for it. Hence public grievances redressal is a major issue. Another important issue is that there are no quantitative measures representing a politician. If there would be any such metrics it would assist people in selecting suitable candidate in election and would also guide political parties in selecting suitable contestant for contesting in election. There are also no quantitative measures of government employees, which if exist would be used in providing promotions and increments. This work addresses these two major issues and provides solution for it. Android app is developed which evaluates Authorities and Corporators based on whether they have solved peoples complaint and if solved how early it is solved. It provides evaluation in terms of score and rank. It also provides performance graph and statistical graphs.

Keywords: People, Complainant, Authorities, Corporator, Rank, Score, Performance, Statistics

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