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A Study on Linkage Between Organizational Practices and Employee Attrition

International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2013
Author(s) Name: M. Umasankar, J. Ashok | Author(s) Affiliation: Erode, Tamilnadu, India.
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The attrition rate is giving sleepless nights to Human Resource Managers in many countries in Asia. This paper attempts at finding the probable reasons for attrition at Garment Export Houses, Tirupur. The attrition rate in the industry has been hovering around 35%, which is quite high for any industry. The high attrition costs increase the costs to the organization considerably. The purpose of this research was to discover the reasons why personnel leave before becoming eligible for retirement, as well as how the executive officer can and does influence retention and attrition rate within his or her company. This can be simply be summed up as a study aiming at exploring the dimensions of attrition and retention with respect to the organizational practices followed in the company. The study was based on various parameters like training, working hours, income, job satisfaction, rewards and recognition, promotion policy, workload, working condition, welfare schemes, compensation, performance appraisal, relationship with supervisors and management etc. The study aims to determine the reason for attrition and to develop retention strategies. The sample size of this study is 179, with a structured questionnaire. Simple percentage analysis, Weighted average score, and ANOVA test were used for the data analysis and interpretation. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16.0 was used for the statistical analysis. The study reveals that the employees have overall satisfaction with the organizational practices followed and facilities provided by the company. There were also a few areas of dissatisfaction which should be given special attention and relevant suggestions are also made to retain the employees within the organization.

Keywords: Attrition, Organizational Practices, HR practices, Satisfaction.

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