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Industrial Innovation in Research Management as Knowledge Outcome: A Case Study

International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices

Volume 6 Issue 2

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: Unang Achlison, Tri Jaka Kartana, Soesanto, Achmad Slamet | Author(s) Affiliation: Masters in Information Technology, Sekolah Tinggi Elektronika dan Komputer, Indonesia.
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Objective: This paper aims to provide the concept of industrial innovation in research management. Methodology: This paper reviewed the different kinds of literature on industrial innovation and research management. The study formulated the knowledge outcome perspective of the industrial innovation in research management. Findings: This paper investigated the industrial innovation since the latter has not been defined clearly from a knowledge perspective. For the definition, the model of industrial innovation in research management is designed. Research limitations: This paper formulated the contribution of industrial innovation to develop knowledge and implementation of the research management. Social implications: Academics in a vocational college can generate potential innovation in the industry. Practical implications: The industrial innovation in the research management model was applied to adjust the learning materials in accordance with the continuous innovative changes in the industry. The framework model was based on a case study involving a polytechnic and the industry in East Java, Indonesia. Originality: This paper contributes for developing a knowledge-based model on industrial innovation in research management.

Keywords: Industrial Innovation, Research Management, Knowledge

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