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Emerging Trends in Branding Strategy

International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication

Volume 1 Issue 3

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Balgopal Singh
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Branding strategy of a company largely depends on how these branding strategy can counter market complexity, competitive pressure, channel dynamics, and; favor in globalization, acquisition and mergers. It helps in aggressive brand extension in related or unrelated category to meet the diverse nature of consumers, to get advantage of social media and internet as well as to minimize the ill effect of negative linkages if any, or threats being imposed by society, market and environment. The brand portfolio of a company is designed as House of Brand, Branded House or Mixed which change in response to environment. Companies to serve the various market segments, either top, middle or bottom of the pyramid has to decide the optimum portfolio constituting of global and local brands, if not then to acquire the same, also required to structure the brand portfolio so that it can create value for the company in terms of bottom line, by serving maximum needs and wants of consumers and market. The emerging trends of brand partnership and acquisition are exercised by the company to fill the gap in their brand portfolio, and Ingredient branding is to enhance product recognition based on the benefit and attributes, rather than extending the brand vertically or horizontally. The paradigm shift in branding strategy is observed through exploratory study of the companies portfolio, from corporate and individual to mix branding, with multiple levels, in the form of umbrella, endorsed, dual, sub-brand and multi-brands as corporate name in driver seat or product master brand in a driver seat.

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