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Matching of Different Attributes for Successful Manufacturing and Sales Management: A Strategic Relationship Approach

International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication

Volume 2 Issue 4

Published: 2013
Author(s) Name: Md. Borak Ali, Md. Rokonuzzaman | Author(s) Affiliation: Bangladesh
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The main purpose of this empirical research is to find out the matching of the ‘suppliers-manufacturer-product-distributorsconsumers’ attributes (SMPDC Attributes) in consumer goods industries of Bangladesh. In total, 250 samples are used applying cluster sampling method. Data have been collected through semi-structured questionnaire. PAST 2.17 version is used for analyzing data. Results show that good matching of all five variables categories augment sustainability of firms in the industry. This study reveals that well-suited suppliers to manufacturer, an efficient manufacturing of a product, a high quality product with reliable distributors and suitable target customers for that product are essential to confirm success.

Keywords: Attributes, Suppliers, Manufacturer, Product, Distributors, Consumers

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