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Online Shopping Habits Among B-School Students and Teachers: A Study of Belagavi City

International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication

Volume 6 Issue 3

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Arif H. Shaikh, Prasad V. Daddikar | Author(s) Affiliation: Professor, KLS IMER, Belgaum, Karnataka, India.
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Online shopping has eventually become a part of our life. Today for buying a book, we dont drive to downtown to shop but preferably check on the Internet for the best rates and reviews. Even if we want to buy a consumer durable goods, car insurance, apparels, toys, gifts for loved ones etc., we prefer online shopping platform rather than doing it traditional way. Online shopping has provided numerous benefits like best bargain, home delivery, easy returns, and EMI facilities at the click of the button. Consumer is at a demanding position and suppliers not in a very commanding position due to stiff competition and frequent entry of new players. Enormous employment opportunities have been created, as a whole new industry is defined which is going to transform the buying habits and patterns of end users. This study has tried to understand the online shopping habits of B-school teachers and students with the help of survey technique in Belagavi city. Various statistical analyses are carried out using tools such as descriptive statistics, one sample t-test to arrive at concrete conclusion and based on which suggestions are offered. The empirical results of data analysis indicate that online shopping is emerging as a new platform for shopping purpose, gradually buyers are changing their shopping habits and moving towards online mode especially on account of heavy discount, promotional offer, cash back offer, and new experience of shopping.

Keywords: Online shopping, B-school, Teachers, Statistics, Internet, E-commerce, etc.

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