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Study of Store Image Attributes Effect on Customer Satisfaction Among Malaysian Customers

International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication

Volume 1 Issue 3

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Anahita Naderian
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In todays’ retailing industry, two factors play the most important role, naming store-image and customer satisfaction. Overwhelming vast majority of changes in consumption patterns, lifestyle and economic as a whole, make retailers to consider these two factors and their correlation to obtain more profit and market share. This study tries to find an association between store image attributes and customer satisfaction towards retail stores. In this regards, 7-Eleven Stores of Malaysia have been selected to examine this relationship and to determine which store image attributes have the most significant effect on customer satisfaction as well. In order to do that study follows the same model as Prokopis K. Theodoridis&Kalliopi C. Chatzipanagioto(2009) which means examining the influence of six variables of store image that have been driven by Lindquistic(1974) on customer satisfaction. In this work, data is collected from various resources. The primary data collection was based on a paper questionnaire and our target customers, consisting of 100 Malaysian respondents, who had at least once shopping experience with one of the branches of 7-Eleven in Malaysia. To analyze the data, SPSS and multiple regressions were used. The result of this study could be used by both designers and retail store managers to make a better decision about their store image and this could finally lead them to increase their customer satisfaction.

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