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Multi Disease Prediction using Data Mining Techniques

International Journal of System and Software Engineering

Volume 4 Issue 2

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: K.Gomathi, D. Shanmuga Priyaa | Author(s) Affiliation: Karpagam University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
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Data mining techniques are used for a variety of applications. In healthcare industry, data mining plays an important role in predicting diseases. For detecting a disease number of tests should be required from the patient. But using data mining technique the number of tests can be reduced. This reduced test plays an important role in time and performance. This paper analyzes data mining techniques which can be used for predicting different types of diseases. This paper reviewed the research papers which mainly concentrate on predicting heart disease, Diabetes and Breast cancer etc.

Keywords: Data Mining, Classification, Naive Bayes, J48, Decision Tree

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