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Performance Testing and Enhancement of Java Web Applications

International Journal of System and Software Engineering

Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Samrat Sandesh Naik Gaonkar, Anusha Pai and Louella Mesquita Colaco | Author(s) Affiliation: Student (M.Tech.), Information Technology Department, Padre Conceicao College of Engg., Goa, India.
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In today’s digital world no one likes slow loading web pages that test user’s patience and waste his time; hence the performance of web application becomes principal constituent of the user experience. This paper intends to focus on techniques for evaluating and improving Java web application’s performance iteratively. This work will make use of best in class performance testing tools to evaluate the performance of the developed Java web application and further attempt to improve the applications performance using the analysis made from the performance test results. The analysis will enable to target the particular bottlenecks in the application that hamper its performance. The paper will focus on different performance enhancing techniques that can be incorporated into Java web development enabling to improve the performance of the application in the targeted areas to build efficient, swift and robust Java web applications which will run smoothly under heavy user load during peak business hours.

Keywords: Java web application development, Load testing, Performance enhancement, Performance testing, Software development.

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