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A Study on Perception of Different Generation in the Use of E Wallet

Journal of IMS Group

Volume 15 Issue 1

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: Madhu Arora and Miklesh Prasad Yadav | Author(s) Affiliation: Associate Professor, RDIAS, GGSIP University, Delhi.
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The objective of present study is to know the perception of different age groups towards Electronic (E) Wallet. For the same, different age groups have been considered i.e. millennial represents age group 18-35 years, generation y represents age 36-50 years and generation x represents age group 51-70. The analysis is in conformity with the objective of the study and the hypotheses formulated. The collected data are analyzed through SPSS version 24 software. Findings include that there is a significant difference in reasons for customer satisfaction among different age groups. Gen Y is more concerned with measures which have to be taken for effective use of digital wallets. Unsafe mode of payments, difficult to use, inadequate working assistance are opined as significant difference for different age groups. The current study recommends that implementation of security measures is required to boost the use of E-wallets.

Keywords: E wallet, Age, Security, Demonetization

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