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An Empirical Study of Adoption of Digital Payments Among Students of Delhi University

Journal of IMS Group

Volume 16 Issue 1

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Suneel Kumar | Author(s) Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce Shaheed Bhagat Singh College University of Delhi, Delhi
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Technology has changed the manner of living in a distinct way. Whether it is shopping, ordering food, booking tickets, buying spectacles or buying grocery all is just one click away. With the advent of more and more digital platforms and trust in online shopping the trend has changed, digital mode of payments is being used over cash. Use of digital payment modes has become the new ingredient adding flavor in the fast moving life. This study aims at identifying the different digital payment options available in India, recent schemes launched by the government to promote its usage and the level of digital adoption and satisfaction among the students of Delhi University. A structured questionnaire was circulated among the targeted segment and data was collected from 119 respondents. Statistical test like ANOVA and chi square was applied for the purpose of analysis.It was found that digital payments modes are generally preferred by students. e wallets being the popular one among different options. Convenience, time utility and rewards excite them to use digital payments modes while security and additional charges are the prime deterrents that reduce its charm. Male respondents were found to be more comfortable and adaptive in making payments digitally. Education was found to be a factor in improving the confidence in usage of digital means. Overall there is positive inclination towards making payments digitally but there is a scope to further boost the digital adoption.

Keywords: Digital Payments, E-Wallets, Cards, Digital Adoption.

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