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A Study on Tourism Web Sites of Indian States and Union Territories

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2008
Author(s) Name: Asis Sarkar, Susanta Kumar Gauri,Shankar Chakraborty
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With the growing popularity of the Internet in the domain of information technology, the Web sites play important roles by providing valuable information to the users. Being an information-extensive area, tourism industry is also indebted to the Internet for promoting and marketing of the tourist destinations. In this paper, the contents of 34 tourism Web sites of Indian states and union territories are surveyed. Exhaustive lists of features that are present in these tourism Web sites are identified and their relative importance are determined. A quantitative measure for evaluating the quality of content of the tourism Web sites is also proposed. Using the proposed methodology, quality of all the Indian tourism Web sites is assessed and compared. As far as the contents are concerned, the overall average quality of the Indian tourism Web sites is found to be not very promising. The suggested methodology can equally be applicable for analyzing and evaluating quality of the commercial and educational Web sites.

Keywords: India, State, Union territory, Tourism, Web site, Feature, Rating of Web site

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