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An Analysis of Awareness of Marketing Mix Strategies of Hospitality Industry: A Study of Delhi

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 12 Issue 2

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Anil Kalotra | Author(s) Affiliation: Associate Professor, Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies, Rohini, New Delhi, India.
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The Marketing mix is an integral part of Hospitality services blueprint design and can be defined as a set of tactics and actions used by organizations to promote its products and services (Kotler Philip, 2011). The Marketing mix contributes a significant role in the setting of effective strategies of marketing and in its implementation. The paper explains the role and significance of marketing management in Hospitality industry and highlights about the Marketing mix of services and their awareness among Hospitality consumers and also explores how each element of marketing mix is important for organizations in Hospitality industry. The paper is based on a detailed review of studies dealing with Hospitality industry, for this purpose various research papers, websites and books are consulted to have a detailed literature review and the significant gaps are observed in the studies, on the basis of which researcher formulated the research problem, constructed hypothesis and chalked out a suitable research and sampling design. Delhi is taken as area of research and all the individuals above fifteen years of age were taken as the population of research. Sample size was calculated statistically and was further subdivided in two parts because study is carried out on the basis of gender. The sampling was done proportionately from all the zones of Delhi. Data was taken from primary as well as secondary sources. Questionnaire was constructed and pretested and evaluated by experts, data analysis was done with the help of SPSS and the statistical tools like measurement of internal consistency, measurement of central tendency, chi-square statistics were used. Paper analyses consumers awareness regarding Marketing mix strategies of Hospitality industry.Therefore study will help Hospitality industry to chalk out their strategies and customize them. The present study is conducted from consumers perspective. The same study can be carried out from the perspective of Hospitality industry. Besides this the same study in future, can be conducted in other areas like investigating customer relationship management in Hospitality industry, to explore the significance of internet marketing in Hospitality industry etc.

Keywords: Hospitality, Central Tendency, Marketing Mix, Industry, Awareness, Statistical, Consistency, Significance

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