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Application of Kasavana & Smith Menu Engineering Model to menu of a resort restaurant- A case study approach

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 4 Issue 1

Published: 2009
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Purpose- The aim of this paper is to evaluate 10 selected items of a restaurant menu of an independent resort of North India on Kasavana & Smith Matrix Model.

Design/Methodology/Approach- The study was conducted on a restaurant menu of an independent resort property using Kasavana and Smith Matrix Model (Menu Engineering). The paper is a case study approach.

Findings- The findings indicate that four parts of menu matrix i.e. plowhorse, star, dog, puzzle should have different strategies to promote them and how best the management can do to get maximum out of the menu and what possible changes can be done.

Research Limitations/Implications- The paper demonstrates that the current study is limited in its generaliseability as the case study methodology is used. This gives researchers and the hoteliers a base, in India, in implementing menu engineering matrix to their food and beverage menus.

Originality/Value- This paper presents the results of menu engineering matrix on 10 selected menu items of a resort restaurant. It is valuable for management in evaluating the menu items of any food and beverage outlet through Kasavana and Smith method, which will help in achieving guest satisfaction and organizational objectives.

Keywords: Menu, Plowhorse, Star, Dog, Puzzle.

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