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Demographic Profile of The Tourist :A Case Study of Tourist’s Purpose of Visit to Jammu and Kashmir State

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 6 Issue 1

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Dr. Umesh Choudhary
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The present study is aimed and enlightening on the demographic profile of the tourists visiting Jammu and Kashmir State. The study further focuses on the tourist’s purpose of visit to the region and problems faced by them during their visit. Jammu has a very rich religious as well as historical heritage. We do inherit a distinct culture language and traditions which are though influenced by the neighbouring environments but still they have been able to sustain their original identity. Jammu has a tradition of tolerance, harmony and respect towards humanity and different faiths. Our ancestors were god fearing, brave and religious minded with benevolent hearts. This was a place where Lion and Goat co-existed which may be a symbolic story but the matter of fact is that people of our region believed in co-existence and respect for others faiths. The State of Jammu & Kashmir is respected and known for its rich culture, natural heritage, art, craft and cuisine from the ancient times. It has become necessary to conserve and project the culture and Heritage of the region in the national as well as in the International Tourism Market which will boost the economy of Jammu region in particular and the State on the whole. The Demographic profile of the tourist help us in building the destination as per tourist preferences. It helps us to understand the tourist perception about the destination and what they actually want at the destination and what is the purpose of their visit to the destination. The present study helps us in understanding the demographic profile of the tourist visiting Jammu and Kashmir state and their purpose of visit to the region. Key words: Tourist, demographic profile, purpose of visit.

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