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Geoinformatics for Promoting Tourism in Jharkhand state

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 4 Issue 1

Published: 2009
Author(s) Name: JEYASEELAN A.T.
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In recent times, the Tourism, Eco-Tourism and Tourism industries are increasingly use remote sensed satellite imagery, aerial photography, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR, a remote sensing system used to collect topographic data) and Geographic Information System (GIS) for new presentation and proposal strategies that will maximize the promotional appeal of tourism and their main assets, which include a unique landscape and scenery, an impressive cultural heritage and a wide range of sports facilities and other tourist amenities. Resort, hotel, property owners, tour guides and travel agents use satellite images, GIS mapping and 3D visualization for tourists to acquire any information on their desired location.

This paper mainly describes the geoinformatics applications to tourism and in particular the use of WebGIS developed for resource monitoring in Jharkhand state for promotion of tourism. The information on various resources, facilities and infrastructure available over Jharkhand state in webGIS platform can be used by anyone, anywhere at anytime through navigational facilities such as roaming, zooming, querying helps for promotion of tourism in Jharkhand. Further, the future directions on tourism atlas and eTourism for tourism development in Jharkhand are also discussed.

Keywords: Tourism, Eco tourism, Geoinformatics, Jharkhand, Ranchi

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