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Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 3 Issue 2

Published: 2008
Author(s) Name: Lal Rishikant, Sharma R N K, Sivakumar R.
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Tourism is first about gathering information about a geographically located place and then traveling to it. The method of gathering information about a tourist place to visit is depending on the means and technology available at that relevant time. Out of the various tools that are available for the purpose, the most powerful emerging tool is Geoinformatics: i.e. dynamic non spatial attribute information linked with spatial information. In the present case study, some of the capabilities of Geoinformatics are explored as applicable to tourism for a major pilgrim place Devghar, in Jharkhand State. Arc View GIS software, have been used to customize, keeping in mind, the various entities to be used for the particular study area useful for tourist information system of the place, after the generation of various thematic information. Though some database inventory was made using secondary data for the study, an additional information was collected first hand from the site. A lot more effort needs to be put up for collection of data upon which information could be made available to the tourists/pilgrims visiting Devghar. The present study has explored but a tip of the iceberg. The analysis and the result of the study gives web enabled solutions for the tourist related information.

Key Words: Tourist information, Customization, Geoinformatics.

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