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Hospitality Industry: An Overview of Strategy, Structure And Globalization

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2008
Author(s) Name: Tahir Sufi
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Hospitality Industry is booming like never before. The academic literature available related to this industry mainly deals with the technical and operational aspects only. Especially in India; there is no discussion in the literature on the strategic management aspects of this Industry. This article shall discuss the expansion of Industry and need of the strategic management principles after second world and the developments that have taken place since then. The aim of this article is to study the extent to which the strategic management principles are used by Hospitality Industry and to discuss the structure of this industry. Also, this article aims at discussing the globalization of the Hospitality Industry and modes of entry of Hospitality companies in the International markets. This article shall use the existing strategic management literature, the research already done in the area and the corporate communication of the top hospitality companies to meet its objectives.

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