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Hotels Going Green

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 3 Issue 2

Published: 2008
Author(s) Name: Ms. Smitha Mohan, Ms. Iti Yadav, Ms. Rati Roychoudhury
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Environmental pressures have affected many industries. Initially, one was only concerned about those industries which directly pollute the environment. Now the problem is much more complex. Hospitality industry does not cause gross environmental pollution nor does it consume vast amounts of non-renewable resources, but there are several operations, which consume relatively small amounts of energy, water, food, paper and various other resources which pollute the environment in the form of smoke, noise and chemical pollutants. Keeping the above issues in view, the industry has come forward to save the environment and is playing a major role in environment protection by developing awareness and good practice. Accordingly, has adopted environment friendly policies which includes aspects like :1) architectural (electrical and plumbing) 2) Guestrooms (amenities and energy conservation) 3) Public Area ( Gardening and floor care) 4) Laundry (Energy conservation and eco-friendly chemicals) 5) Garbage Disposal, to name a few. The above parameters would be elaborated by including the actual practices followed in hotels and also the initiatives like carbon trading and green building launched by the hotels. The hotels have become more socially responsible towards Green Tourism for a better tomorrow.

Keywords: environment, hotels, green tourism

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