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Indian Ethos on Work, Leisure and Recreation Tourism

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 6 Issue 1

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: B. Bhargava Teja
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The concepts of Work, Leisure and Recreation are viewed differently by different workers and are examined with reference to the concepts contained in the ancient Indian scriptures. The ancient scriptures declare that work involves both body and mind and is not a mere physical activity. Human body possesses five organs of action and the mind possesses five sensory organs, all of which are connected with Prana a vital force/cosmic energy. There are specific relaxation techniques for each of the sense organs and organs of action. The scriptures further proclaim that recreation is not complete unless it involves both the body and the mind. Since they are interconnected, there should be no imbalance between the levels of relaxation of the two. Based on the findings, a conceptual model has been designed and developed in tune with the wide variety of opinions expressed on Work, Leisure and Recreation in the current literature, for the purpose of clarity. Contrary to the thinking of the present day workers the study and analysis brought out the inseparable nature of body and mind for the recreation to be total. This concept should prompt the promoters of leisure and recreation to provide amenities for relaxation of sense organs besides the organs of action. Keywords: Work, Leisure, Recreation, Ancient Scriptures, Body and Mind, Sense Organs, Organs of Action.

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