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Measurement of Tourist Satisfaction with Hotels in Pushkar

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 9 Issue 1

Published: 2014
Author(s) Name: Shiv Prasad, Vinita Bhatia | Author(s) Affiliation: Department of Management Studies, MDS University, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.
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In todays globalized world there is immense competition everywhere and service marketers are struggling hard to survive. Therefore it becomes an obligation for service providers to satisfy their customers and differentiate their service from its competitors. The influx of tourist is increasing in India and hotels are doing fairly good job in making their stay pleasant. The present study measures tourists satisfaction with hotels in Pushkar and their intention to revisit or recommend to others. The researcher intended to deeply explore the literature and to identify the key factors of tourists satisfaction with hotels and know their relative importance. This study examined whether tourists could be bifurcated into distinct clusters and the key factors determining tourists satisfaction differed among the identified clusters. A self administered questionnaire was used to seek responses from the tourists who stayed in hotels of Pushkar. Best possible and accessible hotels were selected for the study and the data was analyzed using SPSS. The results indicate that the tourists were satisfied with hotels of Pushkar and they have an intention to revisit or recommend to others. Further details of the results are presented in the paper.

Keywords: Hotels, Satisfaction, Tourist, Pushkar

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